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Our Eyewear Collection

At Sightech we love color, shape, craftsmanship. It is based on these important attributes that we make our selections and carefully create the collection of frames, which we present to you in our showroom.

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Forty years of experience in this  business  gives us the knowledge and the acumen to select, what we believe to be the best eyewear  for you.. Twenty of those years we have been in our current location,  midtown Toronto. This is a long time to be in this business in a highly competitive marketplace like Toronto. We believe that this fact speaks about the quality of  service and ability to find a frame that fits your face,  lifestyle and budget.If you ready to express yourself with your eyewear and show your individuality-we’re here to help.

Please, do not take our word for it. Come by and see for yourself. We are  here to help with your selection and give you our opinion, if you ask for it.

Sightech Selection of Eyewear Brands

Here are some of our favourite  lines of eyewear for your viewing pleasure. Zen is a very modern and vibrant collection of frames from Spain. We have simply fallen in love with incredibly beautiful colors of plastic, cool and playful designs, and excellent craftsmanship of Zen eyewear. You can see more by following the link to their website here. These frames look spectacular, and they will make you look and feel great.

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Blackfin is  playful and colorful,  made of pure  titanium in Italy. Light, durable and fashionably elegant, this brand stands out for its modern design and high quality materials. You can browse through Blackfin models here

Ray Ban is probably one the best know brands of eyewear in the world. Most of us praise it for its famous sunglasses, which we proudly carry at Sightech. In addition to the exquisite line of sunglasses, Ray Ban also produces an incredibly beautiful line of frames, which can be easily described as modern classic. You can see the full selection of Ray Ban frames here.

You are always welcome to come by our store to see and experience our selection and to try on the frames you like. Do take a minute to leave us a note about your impression, to share your experience, to ask us a question.

At Sightech we take care to make sure the experience is comfortable – in the shop and in the mirror months later.


GSep 26, 2014 at 3:14 PM

Every time I need glasses, I come from Kingston to buy at Sightec. The store has unusual frames that you won’t easily find anywhere else. And, when you top it off with the terrific service you get, you end up with a novel set of glasses…what could be better? For me, the trip from Kingston to Toronto is definitely worth it!


GSep 26, 2014 at 3:14 PM

Was enjoying of the process of purchasing my new eyewear,
Recommend the place


    GSep 26, 2014 at 3:14 PM

    Thank you very much, was a pleasure to serve you.